Hello Pennsylvania and West Virginia—We’ve got you covered.

Genoptix is pleased to announce that it is now an in-network laboratory for all of your Highmark patients. Starting March 1, 2018, Genoptix is under contract with Highmark to provide oncology diagnostic testing services to 5.3 million patients in Pennsylvania and West Virginia.

Genoptix is a specialty laboratory offering comprehensive laboratory services in oncology—especially hematology diagnostics and solid tumor molecular profiling. Genoptix provides access to one of the largest teams of experts in hematopathology and molecular diagnostics in one location to ensure accurate, insightful, and timely diagnoses for your oncology patients. The Genoptix comprehensive approach, COMPASS®, utilizes experienced board-certified hematopathologists, PhDs, and other laboratory professionals to drive the testing, analysis, and reporting process. In a respected peer-reviewed journal1, our comprehensive approach was shown to have a significant impact on patient outcomes and cost savings.

For a complete listing of Genoptix services or to learn more about our other offerings, contact Genoptix Client Services at 1-800-755-1605 .We welcome your partnership in utilizing in-network laboratory services while providing quality diagnostic services for your patients.

1. Engel-Nitz NM, et al. Diagnostic testing managed by hematopathology specialty and other laboratories: costs and patient diagnostic outcomes. BMC Clinical Pathology, 2014 Apr 27;14:17.

With a CHART evaluation, you can:

  • Monitor response to therapy
  • Determine disease progression
  • Evaluate clonal evolution
  • Assess residual disease


For COMPASS and CHART workups, Genoptix provides you access to our staff and technology expertise:

  • 20+ board-certified molecular pathologists, hematopathologists and geneticists (easily accessible upon request)
  • 200 trained professionals on staff at Genoptix, including PhDs, clinical laboratory scientists and pathology groups
  • Advanced, comprehensive capture-based next-generation sequencing and other molecular tests

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