Customize the level of reporting service you need

Genoptix uses cutting-edge technology, and our experts are available for consultation when you need it.

COMPASS is ideal for the oncology practice, because Genoptix assigns one hematopathologist to follow each patient’s case from start to finish, and provides the clinician with one comprehensive assessment report.

COMPASS Select is our unique comprehensive assessment approach for bone marrow and blood workups. It integrates individual test results (morphology, flow cytometry or cytogenetics) performed by the local pathologist into our physician-directed case workup utilizing all technologies, as medically necessary, for diagnosis.

When serial or subsequent COMPASS® evaluations are requested on the same patient and deemed clinically appropriate by a Genoptix Hematopathologist, Genoptix will automatically provide a CHART® report, unless otherwise indicated by the ordering physician. CHART® includes all medically necessary technologies, and a consultative review and correlation with relevant prior findings by a Genoptix Hematopathologist.

Second Opinion Consultation
Consultation by a Genoptix Hematopathologist on previously diagnosed cases. We require appropriate clinical data and slides, as well as the most recent morphology report and laboratory test results.